How it works?

1. Design

At the beginning of all the good desigsn of the exhibition booths is communication between us and customer. We want to know your wishes and needs. We are studying your brand so we can design a stand which is completely fullfilling your dreams.

2. Project management

We really build the relationship with our customers. Manager who is responsible for your project will communicate and take care of you. He will be your guide of the whole process and will prepare a solution of your exhibiton stand.

3. Production

Each part of your exhibition stand is designed and produced by the team of professionals "under the one roof" . Final exhibitions booths are tested and transported to the place where the exhibition is held.

4. Transport

The main aim of the exhibitons is to connect companies and their customers. The transport of the whole stand is arranged by our company. So you can only arrive to the place and your booth will be ready for you.

5. Mantling and dismantling

Team of the professionals builds-up your stand at the place of the exhibition. We support our customers  during the whole event. We want you to enjoy the exhibion without any obstacles.

6. Storage

After the finish of the exhibition, we will transport your booth to our storage and you can use it again whenever you need.

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