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Do you need original exposition? Are you the company which is seeking for the partner who can build you your exhibition booth? We build exhibition stands already for 4 years all over the Europe. We can arrange the process from the beginning to the final storage of your exhibiton. Our colleagues from the sales department will take care of you, will fill all your exhibition dreams in all details, we will design, produce and transport all the parts of your booth and finaly store it. You can use your saved time to prepare for your potention customers.

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„Team Tru-sted completely arranged our whole stand for the trade fair in Berlin. We had record number of visitors there. We are really excited. Thank you!“
Libuše Blaha Osičková
CA Poznej svět
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How it works with TRU-STED

1. Plan

We will find out the whole space of the exposition before the whole project starts. We want to know your estimated budget, imagination of the exhibition booth and also how the booth should looks like. We will choose preffered material together, color concept as well. We process all the data and will find the best solution for your exhibition booth.

2. Proposal

We will start with the graphic plan of your exposition booth in couple of days, including quote. When we agree  everything together, we can start with the production of your dream exhibition stand.

3. Realization

We will arrange complete exhibiton stand, production, build-up and also transport of the stand. If you wish, we can store your booth in our storage.

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Do you need exhibiton booth? Let us know and we can design you your dream stand.

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We have built more than 300 exposition booths
Built- up exhibitons all over the Europe
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